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ACT Notable Book Awards 2023 - Winner Fiction (Self-published)


When Brigit Harper is given her destiny as the next High Priestess of Avalon she must take on the daunting responsibilities of the role.


Her fate is to marry the young King Herne and form an alliance as Queen of the Summer Country. But can she trust Herne - and herself when she is with him? 


As her power and magic grows Brigit must protect Avalon and her priestesses from a ruthless invasion, and herself from the passions and betrayals of love.

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Image of a pink book cover with the words Sarah's Song: Music, Mates and Making Your Mark by Tanya Davies. Accompanied by a design of a musical stave and notes, and a gold writing award logo

Sarah Smyth is a shy 13 year-old who dreams of becoming a singer, like her favourite pop star, Magdalene. When Sarah's mother marries a man she meets on the internet she leaves Sarah with the half-sister she hasn't seen for ten years.

Sarah starts a band with her best friend Lonnie which leads her to a most unlikely friendship with superstar Magdalene herself! Sarah's Song is an inspiring story about music, dreams and finding your voice when your world is falling apart.

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Perverse Liberties is a startling collection of short stories combining literary fiction with magical realism, dystopian horrors and urban anxieties.


In Perverse Liberties women are anthropomorphic, drilled open, milked and always caught between worlds.

'Wonderful writing. So eerie and menacing,' - Stella O

'Goosebumpy,' - Margot P 

'Had me gripped from the first paragraph,' - Charlotte C

Image of a book cover with the words Perverse Liberties by Tanya Davies and a design of a moon in a night sky
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