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Give your writing career the care and attention it deserves, with professional feedback, coaching and advice. Working with a writing coach on a personalised writing and career development plan super-charges your writing muscles, saving you time, money and stress.

I have self-published two novels. My first, Sarah's Song, won the ACT Writing and Publishing Award in 2013. My latest book, Then Eve, won the 2023 ACT Notable Book Award for self-published fiction.


I have a Master of Creative Writing from Macquarie University and have previously been selected to participate in mentorships and professional development opportunities with the Australian Society of Authors, Varuna Writers' House and Hardcopy.  

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Think of Writing Rescue as a writer's health check. Together we'll explore where you are in your writing career, where you want to be, and ways to help you get there.

Writing Rescue offers both practical and creative solutions to your writing blocks. Guaranteed to revitalise your relationship with your craft.

One hour session - $95



Tutoring is great for focusing on a specific piece of work like a short story, novel opening or sections of work in progress.

I will provide feedback on all aspects of the writing - such as plot, genre and intended audience, character, focalisation, dialogue and narrative techniques.

One-off session - $95 (Refundable against 5 or 10 sessions)

5 sessions - $425

10 sessions - $800



Together we'll assess your current writing status, reflect on your achievements and strengths, and create a strategy for next steps.

Mentoring is a holistic writer's solution - busting plot problems, exploring professional development, identifying barriers and creating a nurturing environment to grow as a writer.

5 sessions - $425

10 sessions - $800


When possible, I offer free tutoring and/or mentorships to survivors of family abuse. 

It doesn't matter what writing experience you do or don't have, or what you want to write about.

Contact me in confidence for more information.

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